Paper Piecing Anyone???

Even as I am still working on the last group project that you all helped me out with (thanks for all of those Braille blocks), and the two before that are about to become properly public in my book (less than five weeks until Modern Quilt Perspectives is available), it is time to once again ask for help with a project.

This time it is a bit of paper piecing for a new pattern, one that I hope to have with me in my Quilt Market booth in Pittsburgh this spring (the quilt, not the pattern; I don’t sell stand-alone patterns). Actually I hope to assemble the blocks while at my sewing machine in my booth, or perhaps have it assembled and hand-knot it in a rocking chair in my booth, or something like that. Whatever I do, I want this piece to be my official Market WIP before it goes off to whatever else it might do.

So, here’s what I need. There are two blocks to the quilt, the words ME and YOU.



The ME is made of two sub-blocks, and the YOU has three sub-blocks, but as far as paper piecing goes this is pretty easy. The ME will end up 14″ x 6.5″ (finishing down to 13.5 x 6) and the YOU will end up 17″ x 6.5″ (finishing down to 16.5 x 6).

As far as color and prints the only request I have is that you keep each block in a relatively close palettes and that you use a different palette for each block. For example if you do the ME in reds and oranges (that is what I mean by close) do the YOU in purples and blues. Or something like that. A rainbow colored block wouldn’t work well for the overall quilt, and I need difference between the two blocks for the whole thing to come together well. It doesn’t matter what palettes you choose, just make sure they don’t range to widely within a block or get to close together between blocks. Does that make sense???

As far as time, I need to have all the blocks by April 10 so I can be sure to have them all ready and set for Market. And I need 45 of each block; that’s 45 ME blocks and 45 YOU blocks. To make it make sense it would be really great if I could get 45 people to each make a ME and a YOU.

And to make it easier for you all here is a PDF with the paper piecing templates all nice and tidy.

So, comment below if you plan to make one, so I can keep track, and drop me an email when you are finished and I’ll give you the addy for mailing (and a whole lot of thanks). All the details will come later, but I think this is gonna be one right awesome quilt.

And as alway, thanks…


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