So, I am slow. I mean really, really slow, at least when it comes to getting to this post. It is a testament to just how slim my grasp on things has been as of late. But none of that diminishes in any way my excitement and gratitude for what the NYC Mod Quilt Guild did this summer…

At Spring Market I asked Victoria if the NYC Mods would like to do a baby quilt challenge with some Savanna Bop ’cause I’m really keen on there being a robust mod vocabulary for stuff for kids. Kids are far cooler, and more savvy, than we often give them credit for. Anyway, the NYC Mods agreed and went to work.

I love the range of things they came up with; my challenge to them was to just go ahead and experiment, to go nuts. Other than making quilts for kids there were no rules: add any fabric, piece it however, do anything to it. Essentially just put SB through its paces; I think that too often children’s prints get stuck being used in cutesy ways…

Well, the NYC Mods did not disappoint. Here are just a few of the quilts; you can see more on the NYC Mod site





I gotta say I love that hiding little giraffe peeking out in the big blue triangle…

And I am so grateful to the NYC Mods for taking the time to play with Savanna Bop. You all are wonderful!!!

Yay Mods!!!


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