Now this is the way to roadtrip

So, we’re finally on the way back home from our bit of vacation. It was lovely, but totally ready to get back into my studio and get making; gotta get going on my quilt for Modern Relief – Japan. But instead of plowing through the miles today we took the day as an opportunity to do some visiting and have a bit of fun.

First off we stopped for an early lunch with the fabulous Heather of Olive & Ollie and her wonderful family. It was so fabulous to finally meet her in person; I have long been an admirer of her creations. She is insanely nice, so if you ever get the chance to meet her, jump at it. And she has two of the charmingest kids you’ll ever meet; bring a pirate skeleton with you and you’ll be golden.

From there I was able to squeeze in a quick stop at one of the most fabulous brick and mortar quick shops ever: Sew to Speak in Columbus, Ohio.


As I said I took a bit of time to play around with fabric ideas and whipped up a draft of a quilt in my head on the spot for Modern Relief – Japan. Gonna try working with some linen and at last get to play with a few imports. But, alas, silly me, forgot to remember just what they are. Whoever did them, they are gorgeous. So wish I live closer, but 519 miles is a bit far to go for a fabric run on a regular basis.

And to finish the fun off we make a stop at a wonderful restaurant to have dinner with one of our dearest friends; she is also one of Little One’s godmothers. Yay! It was excellent to see Auntie Sarah again, even if for just a couple of hours. (We love you!!!) And as if the company wasn’t enough, the restaurant made up something special for me (I’m on a very special diet thanks to my super-rare form of MD). They even baked a special loaf of bread for me!!! Now that is a restaurant I wish I had in my backyard. So if you are ever traveling through Wooster, Ohio make sure to stop at the Broken Rocks Cafe for a meal. It will be well worth the stop.

So, now we are all nestled into our hotel room for the night, nicely tuckered from the fabulous day. One more day of driving ahead of us — this one won’t be nearly as fun — and then we’ll be home and we can snuggle back into our lives at home.

It will be good to spend some time with you again, dear studio. Did you miss me?


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