My Quilt Market wrap-up…

So, I went to Market…

As usual I ran around trying to see everything, be everywhere, talk to everyone.

As usual I came back utterly exhausted. I am finally getting back to normal.

As usual I neglected to take many pictures; I was too busy doing a million things.

As usual I met new people that I simple adore, and spent time with people I already knew and continue to adore.

As usual I was overwhelmed by how warm, welcoming, and delightful the community is, especially my fellow fabric designers. (Not to say the rest of you aren’t delightful, but you know.) It amazes me to be able to be part of this group, people and friends who keep amazing me with their designs. I love seeing designers on their umpty-umpth collection, designers launching their first lines, and everyone in between all in one place.

As usual I saw some amazing quilts. It felt like the modern quilters really made a statement this time around. Not that they haven’t been, but it just felt like everywhere I turned there was another modern quilt, or at least with strong Modernist affinities.

As usual I walked about a gazillion miles.

As usual I didn’t get nearly enough time with far too many people, and I missed far too many things, and I didn’t get to look carefully enough at far too much stuff.

As usual, I loved it.

So, in lieu of all the photos I should have taken I’ll leave you with this one. It’s the amazing Lisa and me at the APQ booth with a really big version of our cover quilt…

That pretty much sums my Market up. I’m pretty sure some good stuff happened, but mostly I ran around and had a hell of a lot of fun.

Yay Market!!!


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