More on Savanna Bop…

The other day Bee came downstairs in one of the dresses I made for her a long time ago. When I first started making dresses for her I had a few problems with understanding just how small a two-year-old is and subsequently made a few enormous dresses that only just now fit her…


Last week I wrote a bit about the significance of Savanna Bop for me, of how it came to be colored the way it was, of how Savanna Bop is truly for Bee. That post is only part of the story though. The animal in Savanna Bop started off as applique designs for dresses for Bee, dresses I was making because I couldn’t stand the mass-produced dross out there for two-year-old girls. I just wanted dresses that didn’t brand Bee as “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

So, the elephant:


The rhino:


And the giraffe were born…


These are the dresses that started me going, that got me to think about making a go of this whole fabric thing, of designing fabric at all. While Savanna Bop is my third line coming out with Andover, it was the first one I designed. Not only was it made for Bee, it was made because of her. Everything that has happened since those first dresses I owe in no small way to her (and her Mama, and of course the lifetime of education, practice, and experience).

And this is why I am always so excited to see dresses made out of Savanna Bop; it just brings things beautifully full circle. Sometimes the universe just makes sense, and I like that.

Yay universe!!!


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