More Fabric!!!

So, some of you may have noticed over the past month that I have been a bit glum. Sorry about that. I’ve really been struggling with the idea of having a business; it is confusing the heck out of me. Seriously.

You know all those stereotypes about professors having their heads in the clouds and stuff? Well that would have been a conservative estimate of me. I am the least practically minded person you will ever meet. Idealist is a bit too pragmatic a term for me…

Anyway, I’ve been pulling out of it in a big way. The last three quilts really reminded me how much fun it is to just make stuff (all three were made on a whim with little to no advance planning). The best part is that I think they are three of my best… (More on those after Market)

And today I finally get to start talking about the next collection I have coming down the pike. Yes I know Flock is still going strong (I have another Flock quilt coming out in Quick Quilts before too long), and Savanna Bop is just hitting shops, but you know me: I never rest…

Frippery is all about decoration (in a 70s modernism kind of way), with peacocks, fireworks, and more. And the eggs from Pear Tree have come back, this time a little smaller and with more color than you could shake a stick at. It will be available in two colorways: Teal and a Red, and is slated to come out in early Fall…



Frippery makes me so happy!!! All the color, all the prints… I am especially pleased with the tonals, which I’m calling my Peacock Swirls.

Everything is starting to feel better now. I think I just had to plow through a bunch of transitional stuff, but now I am ready to just get back to the fun part…

Oh, and you can download jpegs of the entire collection from the Andover site right here if you want to start designing ahead of time. Yay!!!


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