So, QuiltCon is over. I got three hours of sleep last night after arriving home on a late flight and it is time to dive into the next 27 things, the first of which is a little Jellybean blog tour.

You may well ask just what a Jellybean blog tour is, and I’ll answer. These are my Jellybeans, my new, smaller version of the eggs from Pear Tree.


I scaled them down to bring them back with Frippery because I just love the design so much; they also give me a chance to really play with some unusual color combos to produce oddly humming near-solids. I kind of think of the colors as similar to Kaffe after a bit of electric kool-aid.

The first six came out with Frippery and four more just came out with Asbury. I’ll have eight more coming out later this year with Fissiparous and Wallflower, and hope to end up with 30 or so different colors.

So, to spread a little Jellybean love I’ve asked a few of my friends to play a bit with the 10 current Jellybeans and put together a little blog tour thingy, and I’m up first.

I used my little JB stash to make this quilt, which was just hanging in the show at QuiltCon:


It’s one of a series called Right Here; this one is subtitled Singularity. Here’s the official QuiltCon placard text:

I’ve long been obsessed with You Are Here signs; they always seem to double as existential statements to me. Right Here is one of a series of quilt experiments playing with Xs as signifiers of here-ness; the giant X of this quilt both declares its presence and insistently tells the user where to go. The specific composition of this X utilizes isometric projection to give the illusion of either projecting out into space or drawing the viewer into the quilt, an aesthetic doubling of the essential concept.


I love my little Jellybeans, and I am growing more and more addicted to using them in the place of solids. I cannot wait to have a couple dozen variations to play with. And I cannot wait to see what everyone on the wee tour has done with their little Jellybean stash. I hope you follow along and hop between the blogs over the next 9 days.

I want to thank everybody involved for taking the time to give the Jellybeans a go. You all rock. So here’s the schedule:

Feb 25: Thomas Knauer
Feb 26: Allegory Lanham
Feb 27: Tracy Mooney
Feb 28: Sara Lawson
March 1: Rachael Gander
March 2: Rashida Coleman-Hale
March 3: Heide Mueller-Hatton
March 4: Audrie Bidwell
March 5: Kim Niedzwiecki

Yay stuff!!!


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