I need another design wall (or three)

I am a lucky, lucky boy…

A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely delivery from Robert Kaufman thanks to the wonderful and amazing Betz White. I got a lovely box of Stitch, Betz’s delicious line of organic cotton (it’s GOTS certified everybody) fabric.

The second it arrived I knew what I wanted to do with it, at least in the broadest sense. I get this feeling a lot, at least with fabric I like; it kinda tells me where it needs to go. Or perhaps the fabric just reaches back into my background and finds its spot there. Anyway, Stitch spoke to me.

For me it spoke of my 1970s patchwork, or at least what I associate with that era. Things like this and this and this

So, with these things in mind I got to cutting and sewing. I wanted a quilt that felt blockless, but really wanted to maintain my sanity, so I figured out a nice, big 16″ block that I could hide amidst all the fabric fabulousness. And of course I’m making another big quilt because I have decided I need lots of new quilts on all the beds in our house. This one is going to be 80″ square and is heading straight to the guest bedroom. Yay!!!

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Here is where I am in the process, about halfway there…


Hopefully I’ll get this top finished up this week and then get back to work on the Washi quilt when the fabric reinforcements arrive for that. No rest for the wicked…

Oh, and to see some other fabulous things made from Stitch, check out the Stitch Flickr group; I’ll be adding this when I finish it up. And if you are looking for shops carrying Stitch just head over here for suggestions.


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