Happy Easter from Bee and me…

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, one thing is for sure: Bee likes bunnies, especially really big bunnies. Hence, we made our annual pilgrimage to visit the mall Easter Bunny so Bee could snuggle up to a slightly rank bunny costume and be photographed under hideous lighting conditions via a system that couldn’t get a pink right if its digital life depended upon it:


We got there as the mall was opening, and the Easter Bunny was running a little bit late — code for the regular guy in the bunny suit just didn’t show up so they pulled this guy out of the mall for the day. Bee was especially excited to have her Flopsy Bunny meet the Easter Bunny, and even reassured Flopsy, “I will protect you Flopsy Bunny.”

(Pause for a collective “Awwww.”)

I think that was especially brave since this is a particularly creepy looking Easter Bunny, not at all the snuggly sort that I associate with Easter. I think he might be the Easter Bunny’s estranged Uncle Surly.

Alas, it was a bit to cold and rainy yesterday for a frilly Easter dress; we just went in the play clothes she was wearing. But, to placate your desire to see Bee in a frilly Easter dress, here she is sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap last year. Note that the only way we could get her to wear the crinoline intensive dress from her Gran was to let her wear her big, black boots as well. She is totally my daughter!!!


Now that looks more like the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter everybody!!!


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