Happy Accidents wrought of neurosis…

Last night I got the first look at the full design of my book, and I barely got past the fourth page: it’s the dedication page. I just stopped there and knew I just loved the book…


I love that my editor and designer went with the post-it from the photo shoot. You see, I came in to help with shooting the step-by-steps for the book and a few other bits. During that we were doing the photos of the tools I recommend, and of course I suggest every quilter have post-its handy for all kinds of reasons. Well, the post-its were being used for a shot, and we thought it would be a good idea to write something on one. I think they expected me to just write any old thing, but you know me, I could never do that. Everything has a meaning and a purpose. So, I stood there thinking, and then it hit me: write the dedication on the post-it.

So, I did, and the designer (Julie) immediately had the same idea that I did: use that post-it for the dedication page, and thus my favorite bit of the book is yet another one of those happy accidents of neurosis. This is why I always advise people to embrace their neurotic side, to make the worry, self-doubt, and obsessiveness a part of their practice. Pushing ahead too often leads to missing the best parts, the products of our inner crazy.

I wasn’t sure if it would get through, but there it is. This is just reason number four hundred and seventeen on the list of why I am so happy to be doing this book with F+W. Now I just have to wait for it to hit the world. I need a TARDIS


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