Endoplasmic reticulum…

Endoplasmic reticulum??? Seriously???

Yep, that’s what I was thinking about when I designed this quilt:


The quilt and the pattern for making it are next (this week) issue of Love of Quilting. The quilt actually started as a challenge to myself; I just popped over to the LQS and picked out four repro prints to use to make a quilt even though I had no idea what I was making yet except that I wanted to do another modern/repro hybrid piece. After a few days of pondering and searching my brain remembered the good ol’ endoplasmic reticulum, which is really kinda awesome.

So then I went to work playing with a few design ideas and articulations and whizz-bang I came up with this. 1,600 pieces and a crapload of 1″ squares later I was done. The, of course, the insanely remarkable Lisa Sipes worked her brilliance and transformed my semi-competent piecing job into something wonderful. Yay Lisa!!!

So, head on out to your favorite shop and look for the new issue of Love of Quilting:


You can also get your digital copy of this issue here, or pick up the digital pattern for Reticulum here.

Yay quilts!!!


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