Early reviews…

While I have yet to properly figure out just why I am meant to be worried about Amazon 5-star reviews (or whatever they are), I must admit that I am profoundly pleased that the few people who have seen the book thus far are happy with it (even those few who have found magically appearing copies in bookstores dotting the country).

In fact, I have already received two of the best reviews I can imagine getting. The first arrived via Facebook:


I am so happy that those first 30 pages got this reaction (the first pattern doesn’t show up until page 31). The words in this book are every bit as important as the quilts; I hope people spend time reading it, living with the words, and drawing as much inspiration from the ideas conveyed as from the quilts themselves.

The second arrived from Audrie Bidwell, who masterfully pieced two of the quilts in the book, and is one of my favorite quilters. (I expect a book from her, please…)


You have no idea how flattered I am by her words, and by her desire to punch me. I will likely never consider myself to be an expert quilter (I feel like I started too late to ever achieve that status), but I can only help I can add a little something, a unique perspective, on the amazing practice that is quilting.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the kind words Denyse Schmidt shared for the back of the book. I am honored that she would put her own work aside for a while to spend a bit of time with my book and share her incredibly generous words. I can only hope the book fulfills the promise of her words…


So, thank you for the kind words thus far. I am flattered and feel privileged that you all are reading my words. I hope that the book gives to you as much as your kind words have given to me…


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