Blocks anyone???

Who would have guessed four years ago when I bought Bee eight sets of alphabet blocks — including sign language and braille — that I’d be doing a post about blocks that had nothing to do with my typography obsession. Well, here it is…

The volume 6 of 100 Blocks is coming out soon and guess who’s name is on the cover… Jo Morton’s. And mine. My name is on the cover of something along with Jo’s… Squeeeeeee!!!

(Have I ever mentioned that Jo Morton is one of my heroes???)


My block is all about the quilt I want to make but probably never will, so I’m hoping someone out there will actually make it so I can see it exist…

(How’s that for a sentence???)

This is the quilt I want to make, all subtle and soft, though I can see it being done in insanely vivid colors as well. It is another of the many quilts I design based on ideas from my weaving past. I really want to make this quilt to use as a throw rug; that’s allow isn’t it???


The block itself is pretty easy, just a bit fussy, though the hand embroidery adds a bit of time to it, time that I unfortunately don’t really have right now, no matter how badly I want to make this quilt. Here’s the block, which really is a fun little block…


What I really need to do is make time to do a block every month and then in a few years I’ll actually have the quilt, as if I could ever be that organized. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be…

So, keep your eye out for the new issue of 100 blocks; it is hitting the world next week. But as an added little bonus the fine folks in the land of 100 Blocks are letting me give away a free copy, so just drop a comment below for a chance to win and I’ll pick a winner on Monday, November 12th.

Yay blocks!!! And yay winning stuff!!!


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