Frippery Quilt!!! (And a pattern…)

I know Frippery has been out for a while, but I am finally just now getting around to posting what I think is my most favorite Frippery quilt. It is a really simple quilt; I’ve made a bunch of these because the pattern just shows off fabric so nicely.


(Actually Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts pieced this one for me since I was running up against a Market deadline. Yay Shelly!!!)

Anyway, I love the quilt because it is pretty darned quick to piece and is perfect for using an entire collection and showcase the breadth of designs in that collection. I really extra, super love it for Frippery because I designed Frippery to really feel like a bunch of different collections that just happen to work together really well. Since the idea for Frippery was to explore a variety of concepts surrounding decorativeness it hopefully has a real variety of feels and sensibilities even as it shares a color vocabulary and certain motifs cross over between prints. In short I wanted it to feel both coherent and all over the place at the same time, and this quilt really showcases that component to the collection (or so I think).


I also love this quilt because it feel quintessentially patchworky to me, a bit of old-school practical quilting with a certain nod to soem 1970s patchwork. As such it always feels like a quilt that I need to tie. At least this time I used heavy pearl cotton rather than actual yarn as I did for the first one of these I made; it’s much easier on my hands and the quilt.

So, here’s the basic block:

And here is how to lay the quilt out:


Not that the block rotates in different spots, and the half-blocks at the top and bottom of alternating rows.

The block does require a bit of partial-seam work, so if you don’t quite see how the quilt comes together you can actually download the pattern for free from the Andover site here. It also has all the fabric requirements and the math and the like, but they did the math for using only one colorway. I think it looks extra super awesome with both colorways all mixed up. If you want to just wing it I cut my pieces to either 4.5″ squares or 8.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles.

Anyway, thanks Shelly for piecing this. And if you’ve never tied a quilt it isn’t so bad; I got most of this done at Sewing Summit. It’s also great to have as a bit of semi-portable hand work. The best part is you can stay warm under it while you work…

Yay quilts!!!


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9 Responses to Frippery Quilt!!! (And a pattern…)

  1. 1
    Mary Ann says:

    I love quilts with big patches that have both a traditional and modern aesthetic in the same design! Think this will have to go on the to do list…sigh…it’s so long already!

  2. 2
    Cathy Kizerian says:

    I’ve been saving all my Frippery fabrics to make spring/summer clothes for my granddaughter. Now I am rethinking that plan in favor of a quilt. It sure pops!!

  3. 3
    Sandy says:

    Thanks Thomas for a great blog. Love reading your posts, your thoughts on art and the inspiration for your designs. I often imagine I am a student lucky enough to be attending a lecture while you share your love and knowledge of art. It’s what I was hoping for when I studied graphic design a few years ago – unfortunately most lectures consisted of: this is what you need to learn – go forth to the internet and learn. The lucky bonus is that you also “get” fabric (and quilt) design. And thanks also for the great free pattern from Andover.

    • 3.1
      thomas says:

      Thank you Sandy. I am flattered and glad. I am so happy you find all of this of interest; I so often feel like I am just talking to myself (not that I mind doing that)…

  4. 4

    It was a pleasure to piece the quilt for you, Thomas. I had great fabric to work with!

  5. 5
    Susana Acuna Hernandez says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I’m going to try to see if I can manage it on my own. I used to help my mom when she was alive and I taught one of my friends quilting. Now it my turn. Thanks again

  6. 6
    Mayhem Mairi says:

    Really like the look of this. Enjoyed finding a new to me blog too.

  7. 7
    Amie says:

    3 years later…I just saw Frippery on Pimterest! Not sure how I didn’t see it before, it’s AMAZING!! I ordered the 4.5″ Studio strip die just for this quilt so that realllllly something by that die wasn’t cheap! But so worth it! While I’m waiting for my die to arrive I’ve gathered all my Lecien and Pam Kitty fabrics for this quilt. That says a lot about this quilt be I’ve been saving those fabrics for just the right design. And I believe Frippery is IT! Thank you sew much for this wonderful design!! Amie 🙂

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