You are remarkable!!!

It’s true; you really are. Your fabric generosity has been amazing. I am touched by the stories that have come with these squares and scraps, and amazed by the extraordinary diversity of patterns.

You are remarkable!!!

As the scraps and squares have come tumbling in I have noticed a wonderful motif: there are so many of you sharing bits from your mothers’ and grandmothers’ stashes. Not only do I love this generational sharing, it has set me to thinking. Ever since the squares started arriving I began thinking of this quilt as one I would hand down to Bee; it is so full of stories, and love, and everything that makes the quilting community what it is. But what has really stuck me is the relationships between generations embodied by so much of this shared fabric. Thus, why not expand the scope of the project and play with the way quilts are passed down.

Now, in addition to making the big 112” square quilt for our bed, I want to make a single Scrap Vomit Quilt for Bee – she’ll be moving up to a twin bed before too long. Thus, when she grows up and finds someone to share her life with I can pass along the big quilt to cover them up in their bed. And when she has a Bee of her own (if she does, no pressure), she can pass along the single quilt that once kept her safe and warm at night. This two-fold heirloom somehow seems an appropriate homage to all the sharing, stories, and love you all have sent to me.

But here’s the thing: to do this the 2.5” square count jumps to 4,851, still with no repeats. I’m thinking of these two quilts as forever twinned, so I love the idea of no repeats across the two of them. You all really have been remarkable thus far: I have just under 2,200 squares cut, and probably another 1,000 left to cut from the scraps that have come in boxes and bags. There are enough for the original plan, but I am now so enamored with the new plan that I turn to you once more.

I know there are many who are planning to bring squares and scraps to Quilt Market, and I can’t wait to meet all of you. There may well be enough squares coming there to get me over the proverbial hump. I’ll be hanging with the Yams, and at the Modern Quilt Guild get together. I love the idea of a big 2.5” square show-and-tell at the MQG event on Friday night; I can just picture a table covered with all the little squares and a gaggle of quilters arranging hypothetical blocks.

So, once again, I say thank you to all of you. You have truly inspired me with your kindness, your generosity, and the wee bits of your lives.


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