Winner, winner, fabric dinner…

Okay, not dinner, but lovely bundles of Pear Tree…

So, here are the two winners of the complete Pear Tree FQ bundles:



I don’t have any contact info for you Maggie, so I hope you are checking this. You have a week to contact me before I have to move on to another draw; fingers crossed you are following…

And winner number two is:



I’ll be dropping you an email later tonight Jill. Congrats!!!

I can’t wait to see what you two do with Pear Tree, especially the quilts for Bumble Beans Basics. And of course I hope everyone who didn’t win goes ahead and makes a quilt to send to Bumble Beans Basics as well. I was hoping to get another done before Xmas, but it’s gonna be early next year. So much to do!!!

Oh, and you don’t have to go frantic over the quilts Maggie and Jill; just sometime before this summer. And of course I would love it if you would send me pics.

Thanks to everyone for signing up; this wonderful quilting community never ceases to amaze me. In just a few more months I’ll have Flock in my hands and I’ll be doing this again…


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