Trepidation and success…

Giving Bee a present is frequently an emotionally fraught event; the moment one mentions a surprise she seems to instantaneously imagine it is the single thing she wants more than anything in the world at that moment. It might be a balloon, or a cookie, or an actual castle. What it is doesn’t matter really; what matters is that it is what is in her head, and thus that is what the surprise must be…

So, when I took a chance yesterday and gave her the surprise that Victoria made and sent her right before dinner with some friends I knew I was taking my life into my hands. I did take it out of the box so she could see it right away, but still, it was a mildly dangerous proposition.


Well, Bee fell in love instantly. I think she actually emitted an audible “awww…” in order to express the degree of adorableness she recognized in the kitty (see the patchwork next to Bee). She instantly set to naming her. The options of Rose, Fabric, and Purr all sprung to mind: Rose because of the rose in the fabric, Fabric because well that’s obvious, and Purr, well, I’m sure you can guess. In the end she settled on all three: the new kitty is named Purr Fabric Rose, and she and Bee have been inseparable. Purr Fabric Rose came to dinner and played by Bee’s side all night.

I’ll get better pics so you can see Purr Fabric Rose better soon, but just couldn’t resist posting as soon as I got the chance. Thank you so much Victoria; we love her!!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what Babbit looks like when he is laughing while upside-down. He’s six months old and growing more delightful every day…


Ten more days until we leave for England. Ack!!!


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