I am tired; it’s been months since I’ve slept through the night.

I am tired of my body has these genetic defects.

I am tired of not being able to be there because my body fails me.

I am tired of feeling like utter crap because my muscles don’t want to work or my white blood cells think there is something wrong with me, when there isn’t.

I am tired of feeling lonely because I have to be in bed, in a darkened room to pull my body back together, while life goes on for everybody else.

I am tired of being depressed about all of the above, and being drained of energy because depression can do that.

I am tired of living in perpetual anxiety in fear that my body will give out at a horribly inopportune moment.

Mostly, though, I am tired of being tired. It takes way to much energy to be this tired.

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