Starting Again

So, I’ve kinda taken a sewing break since I finished making all the quilts, doing all the writing, and ever so much editing for Quilt Out Loud, and now I’m really starting to get the itch to get back to sewing. Breaks are great – I really needed this one – but they have the danger of becoming stops and I’m starting to feel the temporal distance between me and the last time I sat down at the sewing machine.

Bow I haven’t been idle; there have been ever so many things to take care of, not least of all the whole back to school thing for the children. But all of that is starting to feel like an excuse to stall. I think I may be a little intimidated by some of the work I did for Quilt Out Loud (and Quilting Rhythm for that matter) so getting started again is a little daunting. What do you do next when you just did the best work of your life?

Hence the real reason for the break, it has given me some time to reflect and figure out then next moves, the next projects. I think I have one, and I think it will be good, but still I am a little tentative. I think I may have let my break last too long and I’ve put too much pressure on the next project to be even better than what came before.

I need a hobby, something to get me back into making again, but alas I don’t really like making stuff for the sake of making. I like quilts because each of my quilts feels like it has a purpose, a reason for existing, and that gets me over the proverbial hump. I suppose I just need to get the children the clean up the Lego from my studio floor and just sit down and go. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

Much love.

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