So, having the mutant freak body that I have, I’ve spontaneously developed tendonitis (we hope) in my lot (non-dominant) arm. As to just how this would have happened I have precisely zero clue. But there it is, a swollen arm, the inability to grasp with my left hand, and shooting pains. Hence my ambition of starting to make new work has been delayed indefinitely.

On the plus side the kids get a Lego room a little bit longer and I get some time to plan out filming a couple of classes to time to the launch of Quilt Out Loud. I’m finally releasing the pattern for Smart Is Beautiful in the book, so I thought I might as well film a class to go with it.

So, there’s still work to be done, just not the work I was expecting to do. You know what they say: When life gives you lemons take them, everybody likes lemons…

Much love.

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