Who knew snow could be so profoundly adorable?

Or yummy?

Not that it is all fun and games; we’re already teaching Little One to shovel the walk. The sooner we can abdicate that job the better.

Oh, and the crows are back. It may take a little work to find them in this photo, but they are somewhere back there behind all the snowflakes.

So, while the snow has been out there, I’ve been hiding away in here. Working on new projects, putting the finishing touches on a wee elephant tutorial for next week, and finalizing the last details for Monday’s big, exciting announcement. Don’t forget to check back Monday afternoon for the big news!!!

Until then I suggest hiding in your sewing rooms and keeping warm; that’s what I plan to do. Working away on this for Project Modern 2 over at the Modern Quilt Guild.

Until Monday, take care…


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