Sewing Summit anyone???

Wanna know how busy I’ve been as of late? So busy that I haven’t even had a chance to share the exciting news: I’m going to be teaching at Sewing Summit 2012 this October in Salt Lake City!!!

You have no idea just how giddy I am about this. I’ll be doing a big ol’ class on fabric design; let’s call it a guided ramble through the process, the hows an whys and whats, more of a how to start and what to do about it rather than a nuts and bolts put this line there sort of thing, but whatever it is it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun, and hopefully right useful.

Time to limber up those old art prof. chops…

I’m so excited about the other teachers already announced. Gotta say I’m especially excited that the fabulous Katy is going to be teaching too. She is totally the bee’s knees….

Anyway, registration will be opening up before too long, so mark your calendars and start thinking about those reservations. It is going to be one heck of a weekend…

Maybe by then I’ll have dug my way out from under my gigantic to-do list. Must get back into the studio to tackle those giant Washi HSTs…


See you in Salt Lake City…


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