Secret codes…

Anyone out there paying the least bit of attention will have noticed that I have completely fallen for making secret code quilts. Hell, I’d love to do a whole book of them someday (hint, hint F+W). I’ve just sent a couple off for various projects and publications, but couldn’t resist sharing a quick pic of this one that goes out in the mail as soon as the post office opens this morning.


I’m not telling what this one says, that’s what makes it a secret code. You’ll just have to wait until it shows up somewhere with a fuller explanation.

And my local friend and longarmer Shelly Kamp quilted this one for me (the whole quilt happened on an exceedingly short deadline). Lots of tight straight lines, but I asked her to pop out this one square.


I think that little touch helps to emphasize the fact that I used two different whites in the quilt, my new favorite thing to do. (I appear to have lots of new favorite things these days.)

So, now that this one is done and ready to go off it’s time for me to take a break from piecing a bit and get going on Bee’s next quilt. This is a wholecloth quilt (plain white) that I am tying with a little over two thousand knots.


Hidden amdist all the colors and all the knots is a Braille translation of one of Bee’s favorite poems: April Rain Song by Langston Hughes. Have I mentioned that I love secret codes???

I can’t wait to get going on this one, and it will be the perfect transitional project for during the move; plenty of hand work while we get home and studio set up in England. Yay!!!


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