Right Here (with Jellybeans)…

Finally getting around to taking pictures of some of the Market quilts; I know it’s about freakin’ time. It actually took me about ten days to recover from Market, and then a few last second projects popped up that, well, threw everything into chaos. But, at last, finally getting around to this.

I know, I know, I’m a terrible human being. I’m used to it…

So, first up: Right Here.


I’ve long been obsessed with You Are Here signs; they always seem to double as existential statements to me. Right Here is one of a series of quilt experiments (more to come later) playing with Xs as signifiers of here-ness; the giant X of this quilt both declares its presence and insistently tells the user where to go (ie I’m right freakin’ here!!! or Sit your butt right here!!!).

I also played a bit with isometric projection to give the illusion of either projecting out into space or drawing the viewer into the quilt, an aesthetic doubling of the essential concept (ie I’m right here and I’m coming to get you or Come right here so I can slurp you into the black hole at my center, sucker…).

Yep, I’m a geek.

Oh, and I got to use all of my new Jellybeans for this quilt: six from Frippery and four more from Asbury. With any luck I’ll get to keep them coming and have a bunch more by the end of 2013…


One of these days I need to bust these out along with some Kaffe and see how they play together. I think it could be an insanely awesome color overload.

Yay overload!!!


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