Rest (or something resembling it at least)…

After what has been an insane first half of the year we are finally taking a break.

Wife has submitted her tenure file, sent off the massive article, and proofed her book. (Yep, she’s pretty freakin’ amazing!!!)

I have finished all of the magazine quilts, have all of the new collections out of my hands and in the works, written the essays, roughed out the lectures, and planned a dozen more things.

We are tired. Very tired.

So now it is time for some rest…


Soon we will be here for a while, reintroducing Bee to her ocean friend. That’s what she calls the ocean, her “ocean friend.”

Not that I can ever really take a vacation: the strikeoffs for Asbury are coming with me; so is the laptop.

But still, a break will be taken.

Yay rest!!!


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