Project Modern

Okay all. I finally braved a bit of the cold on the sunporch and got a couple of pictures of my quilt for Project Modern. I am still astonished at how smoothly this one went, especially since it is the first quilt I have completed. This is actually my third quilt top, but the first quilt I have actually quilted and bound and all.

So glad The Modern Quilt Guild threw out this monochrome challenge. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with some funky geometries. I decided to throw in a hint of Stuart Davis and came up with this:



I especially love the little embroidered flower pot in the bottom left window. I can’t help but think of this as a cityscape; at least that is what I conceived of it as. And the best part of all is that Little One is completely in love with it. She has been pleading to be wrapped up in it since I finished the top. Now we can all play on it; it is now a quilt…


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