As I am looking forward to hopefully completing the studio excavation tomorrow (it has definitely gone past cleaning to some sort of archeological activity) I’m somehow not feeling entirely crafty with today’s post. Don’t take that the wrong way; I am insanely gung-ho to finish reorganizing the studio space and get back to sewing. I have two quilts in differing degrees of progress that I am crazy excited about, but right now that wall of mess in the studio is just standing in the way.

So, once I got Bee down for her nap I decided to start digging through another mess: the holiday photos. There are so many great shots this year now that Bee can sometimes hold still for more than a half-second. What I’m really loving is how she jumps back and forth between being a princess:


And being a knight (though she is only playing with the dragon; she doesn’t approve of killing):


Though my favorite, favorite part is that she now completely commingles the two, along with a couple of others, and plays at Princess-Knight-Superhero, which is what I think she shall always be to me…


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