One more thing…

I just can’t seem to let it go. This comment seems to have gotten so far under my skin that I can’t stop thinking about how we talk about things and each other:

“I seriously hope you are kidding that you would make your son the f*** quilt… You shouldn’t be allowed to be a mother if you would really do that…”

So here’s the deal: I curse. I curse a lot. There is every likelihood that sometime in my career as a quilter the word fuck will end up in a quilt. The odds are high. So, am I unfit to be a parent? Does this fact disqualify me from being allowed to raise Bee and Baby Rabbit? Am I a bad human being because I swear? Am I morally unacceptable? Should my children be taken away?

I am asking these questions in all seriousness because these are the implications of some of the comments about the Give a Fuck quilt and its makers. To all of you who feel that the comments that have been made about the quilt are justified, I ask you to answer my questions, to stand behind the implications of those comments that you defend.

I will always defend your right to your opinions and moral positions, but I cannot and will not abide by anyone questioning my fitness to raise my children, to love them more than I ever imagined was possible, to do everything in my power to keep them safe and let them know at every moment that they are loved profoundly.

Words matter. The word fuck offends some, but I would hope that the implications of those comments, what they then are saying about me and millions of other quilters, would offend everyone. If not I may need to step away from this community, or at least accept that I simply cannot live with a certain segment of it.


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