Nekkid Beds

Hi all.

As I am starting my next quilt (one borrowing from one of my all-time favorite pieces of art: Jenny Holzer’s Truisms) I am already starting the background work for the one after that. I was planning to take a bit of a break after the Trusim quilt, but I got sucked into doing another right away by the Naked Bed Challenge put together by Sarah Fielke and Cara Wilson.

Okay, I guess I can’t really blame them; I was probably looking for a reason to dive right into another, especially when it is the perfect excuse to cut into that fat quarter bundle of Nest by Valori Wells that has been staring at me from one of my shelves.


Gonna see what I can do with braille as an inspiration for this design; I have a good feeling about this quilt. How could I not with the loveliness that is Nest awaiting me.

But for now I must get to sleep; tomorrow is a long day of sewing on the Truism quilt. Sweet dreams all…


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