My Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt

Okay everybody, I think it’s about time I share my Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt pics. Due to a combination of laziness, busyness, and a modicum of absent-mindedness I didn’t actually get all thirteen items, but eleven isn’t too bad. Luckily I have some extra adorableness to make up for it…

1. Someone who’s blog you follow:


It’s Katy (ImAGingerMonkey)… Mwah!

2. Mormon Tabernacle Choir:


Okay. It isn’t the choir in person or anything, but I did find a pic in a souvenir magazine at the SLC airport, so I’m counting it.

3. A stack of fabric at least a metre (just over three feet) high:


So I forgot to take a picture of a giant stack of fabric at Market; luckily what I brought home from Spree was well over a meter. And for good measure it was fun to topple…




Bee especially loved the bundle of Dazzle by Melissa Averinos; can’t say as I blame her. She really wanted to sleep with it…

4. The end of the line for Sample Spree:


Not quite the end…thomas-knauer-sews-QMSH9

There it is, way the heck back there. Thank you Andover for getting me in; I don’t think my HKPP would have survived otherwise…

5. Someone carrying at least 4 cups of coffee:


I knew I’d find that one…

6. The most insane quilt at Market:

I was surprised by how sedate the quilts were in general, so I am going to go with one that made me insanely happy. It was just so super-awesome that I love, love, love it. There were a lot of amazing quilts, but this one is so profoundly me it makes my spleen ache…


7. The most gorgeous new collection to come out at Market:

Again, this one is tough for me; there were so many amazing new lines, so I am just going to pick one. Little Apples by Aneela Hoey makes me so happy. It is the first think from Market that I have cut into to make something from. Bonus here is is get a great pic of Aneela drawing a picture of Heather with a really big pen… Makes perfect sense to me.


8. A book being signed:


I totally flubbed this one too. I only went by, waved to, a dozen book signings, and not once did I pull the old camera out. Duh. But I did get Alissa and Kristen of Block Party signing something at the MQG meet up. So much fun!!!

9. A dodgy looking tangle of extension cords at Market:

(Can’t believe I forgot about this one; the tangles were everywhere!!!)

10. Someone napping at Market:

(Amazingly, or maybe not so, I never saw anyone napping at Market.)

11. At least one Daquiri:

Jessica and Angela at the MQG meet-up. Granted I had to buy the Daquiri for Angela, but after that the Daquiris were everywhere. I promise…

12. The singularly most over-the-top outfit at Market:


It may be a costume for a themed booth, but I still say it counts…

13. The crowd at a Schoolhouse session:

The crowd at Lizzy House’s schoolhouse session. I’m not at all nervous about doing one at Fall Market for Pear Tree. No, not at all…

Well, there you have it. In my admittedly generous book I got 11 of the 13. And the reason I didn’t get them all is I was having too much fun and getting too much done. Yay for Market. Can’t wait to see more entries (see rules HERE). And don’t forget the fabulous prize pack for the Scavenger Hunt winner!!!


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