More (Scrap) Vomit anyone???

These past couple of weeks have been so nice, finally having carved away some time for the sewing studio. Unfortunately a lot of what I’ve been sewing will have to wait until September to be seen, but that is so often the case. (The waiting part, but not that most things have to wait until September to be seen. Anyway…)

It is also nice to remind myself how to sew before the Pear Tree sample yardage arrives. Eeek!!! I can’t wait!!! But I digress. Amidst all the activity and chaos I am still chugging away at those Scrap Vomit blocks, and they are still as fun as all heck to do. So, here are a few more of the recent ones:

thomas-knauer-sews-scrap-vomit-block7 I love, love, love the little bunny in center, but the show-stopper of this block may be the Capitol Building in all of its glittery goodness. Who ever dreamed up that print???

thomas-knauer-sews-scrap-vomit-block8 Dachshunds, Teapots, some Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket, and that fabulous sailboat. Yay!!!

thomas-knauer-sews-scrap-vomit-block9 One word: Soap!!!

thomas-knauer-sews-scrap-vomit-block10 I so totally heart the oranges in the center of this one; they just make me inexplicably happy. Yay happy!!!

Anyway, just thought I’d share some more of the Scrap Vomit along the way. More to come…


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