More fun with Stitch

Now that my Washi blocks are all done and ready for trimming (anyone wanna come over and handle that for me?), I can get back to playing with my GOTS certified,organic Stitch by Betz White. Huzzah!!!

The top is done, and I got it basted last night…


And now it is time to start tying this baby. This will be my first tied quilt, but it really seemed like the right response to Betz’s prints and the quilt design. Not that it couldn’t have been quilted a thousand fantastic ways, but I really want to play up a certain 70s nostalgia vibe with this quilt (who’d have thought I want to reference the 70s?), so tying just seemed to fit…


Just a few hundred more knots to tie. It would probably be easier if I went with embroidery thread (I do have a fabulous stash of gorgeous COSMO; you’ll start seeing some of that soon), but I really felt like some nice variegated cotton yarn would be just the right touch.

Anyway, time to get back to those knots. Thank goodness for needle-nose vice grips…


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