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Hi all. Next Monday Modern Relief – Japan is kicking off. You may ask, “What is Modern Relief?” Well, get ready for answers. Modern Relief is a group of modern quilters who want to use their creativity and skill to help those in need. Modern Relief 2010 raised over $5800.00 for World Vision. It was an amazing event, and there were so many fantastic quilts in the raffle. You can check out all of the quilts from Modern Relief 2010 right here. Gotta say that that event was yet another thing that inspired me to join the quilting community.

This time we are raising funds for the earthquake and tsunami efforts in Japan; the donation will be made through Mercy Corps. More than 50 quilters are participating, and I am so happy to be taking part this time. We will be rolling out the quilts gradually, starting Monday, April 4th, and new quilts will be added to the raffle every week until May 16th.

It isn’t an auction; it’s a raffle. Each $10.00 raffle ticket will have an equal chance of winning one of the fabulous quilts being made right now. I know everybody is doing their best to make some really special quilts; now it is up to you all to help make this a huge success.

And I can’t wait to show you the quilt I am making. Remember the fabric I bought when I visited Sew to Speak. Well, in a couple of weeks that will be a shiny new quilt for the raffle. So keep your eyes out and keep checking back over at Modern Relief – Japan to see the quilts and to purchase your raffle tickets.


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