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In my crazy little head I’ve been thinking of 2013 as my year of writing (and talking). There’s the book, QuiltCon, some essays I have planned, and goodness knows what else (fingers crossed to get going on a second book with a whole lot of prose). Well, one more bit of all that writing is kicking off a little early: the Winter 2013 issue of Stitch, Craft, Create is out, and with it the first of my running column “Modern Inspiration.”


Each issue I get to talk about ideas surrounding Modernism and making, to wax philosophical about what we make, why, and how. I am so grateful to Shannon at SCC for giving me the opportunity to think out loud about the intersections I see between the Modernist tradition (including some leaps into postmodernism) and quilting, to share some of the swirling vortex of ideas inside my skulls with a wider audience. In so many ways these columns encapsulate what this next year is about for me: communicating why quilts are so very meaningful to me (and culture at large) and to prompt discussions about making rich, meaningful, resonant quilts that take part in and stem from the very real lives we live.

Another thing that has me really happy about this series is that I’m going to be doing projects for each column, but the project really just illustrates one way of going with the ideas; no patterns, just a few nudges for getting there, or there-ish. This is a direction I really want to move in: fewer patterns, more prompts, kinda like a score…

Oh, and one more thing. I really love my bio-blurb for this column:


I may or may not implode!!! (Thanks Shannon)

So, go out and get your copy, not just for my column, but the whole mag. It really is a wonderfully designed mag that is chock full of awesome. So happy to be a part of it!!!

Yay for not imploding (hopefully)!!!


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