I am ridiculously lucky. 

You may well ask why…

Well, when I was still just pitching Quilt Out Loud I had to put together what they call a mood board as part of the package. Mine included maps and graphs, album covers and punk posters, type treatments and favorite words. In short I put the jumble of my brain into a visible form. But that’s not the lucky part…

The lucky part is the fact that C&T assigned my book to April (last name withheld). I don’t think anyone I’ve worked with has truly grokked my style as thoroughly as April has. Seriously, it reminds me so much of what I was doing back in my design professor days. It is unorthodox and a bit edgy, a little punk rock but with excellent clarity. But it is not just surface affect; it is absolutely content forward. 

This book has such a funky flow, but it is absolutely cohesive. It is everything I love about good book design. It is a pleasure just to look at it (though I’d like to flatter myself that it is worth reading too). April took my quilts and my works and through them through a blender and absolutely nailed this book. All the formulae went out the window and some serious design chops were displayed. 

I can’t wait for this book to hit the world. 


Much love.


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