London Calling

My talk for the LMQG has moved. It will now be at Ray-Stitch at 5:30PM, still on July 7th!!! Please adjust your calendars accordingly…

I know it is a bit cliché to use that as a post title when one is going to the UK, but since that seminal album by The Clash is currently topping Bee’s favorite music list I think it’s okay, not to mention the fact that her first onesie was adorned with the cover art from the album…


In nine days the whole family will be landing in London. So excited for Bee’s first trip to the UK, and she is exceptionally excited about castles and cream tea…

While I am excited about all of these things, I am also giddy about getting to chat with and hang out with the London Modern Quilt Guild. I’ll be doing a talk for them at Tricolette Ray-Stitch in London on July 7th at 4:00PM 5:30PM.

I hope I will be able to remain conscious as we are flying into London that morning; I am pretty sure adrenaline and excitement will keep me going. So, I hope all of you London-area quilters will turn out; I am dying to meet some more UK friends.

And I know, you may be saying to yourself, “Didn’t you just get back from vacation?” Why yes I did, but since Wife just submitted her tenure file we are due years of back vacations. And of course the laptop is coming with me; there is still so much work to get done…

Oh, and I think I would be remiss if I didn’t share at least one pic from the last vacation; Bee truly loves her ocean friend, and I truly love her…


Yay Bee!!!


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