I seem to be popping up all over the place lately, or at least the past two days, rather like the proverbial plague of locust. I think that’s how life works: all is quiet and them BOOM! everything happens all at once.

I woke up yesterday to see that the first of my Sew, Papa, Sew series over at Sew, Mama, Sew had gone live. I am so incredibly excited about this. It started with a random suggestion to Kristin at Spring Market; now I’m going to get to write gender, fatherhood, and sewing on a monthly basis. I hope to address some serious issues and some fun ones, and include the occasional awesome project (and some great guests).

I am so grateful to everyone at Sew, Mama, Sew for allowing me to do this.

Then later yesterday afternoon my latest Designer Tidbits interview on the Fat Quarter Shop’s Jolly Jabber went live. As always the questions gave me a chance to let leak some of the insanity that spins around in my head. As always, thanks to everyone at the Fat Quarter Shop for inviting me to play.

And then today another interview went live; this one with Annie of the Village Haberdashery (and my Spring Market roomie). Not only is she fabulous (as is her shop), she has invited me to give a talk for the London Modern Quilt Guild when I am over in the UK next month. So for all of you Brits in the London area come on over to Tricolette on Saturday, July 7th at 4:00PM. I’ll be talking fabric and Modernism and whatever else runs through my jet-lagged brain (I land in London that morning at 6:00AM).

I can’t wait to meet all the LMQG folks and Tricolette looks fantastic; how can one go wrong with lots of yarn and fabric and people???


So, now I think it is time to disappear back into my bunker and work away at my words and maybe get a bit of sewing done. I think all’s quiet for a while, though one never can be too sure (that’s definitely one of the lessons a toddler teaches you).

Yay stuff!!!


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