Little Apples

So, not only is this the Summer of Scrap Vomit (so many blocks piling up), it is also the Summer of Pillows for me. I think I need a gazillion new pillows, and I need some way to take a break from stitching all those SV blocks (even if I do love doing them).

First up is a Little Apples pillow I made for Bee’s birthday:


For those of you following along, yes I did stitch up the top about three forevers ago and only just now put it all together. Bee love, love, loves it; she’s telling wee stories about the little boys and girls. And who can blame her, Little Apples is fantastic!!! We love you Aneela!!!

And even though I just finished it, I am considering tearing it apart. Now I’m thinking about a charcoal grey back with tiny red pom poms (apples) all along the edge. Maybe when I get back from doing Creative Mojo tomorrow (don’t forget to tune in).

Oh, and if anyone out there is looking to scalp a ticket to the NYC Modern Quilt Guild event on Friday night (part of Quilters Take Manhattan by the Alliance for American Quilts) please email me ASAP. I’ve had a change in schedule and could now actually go and would love to, but the event is currently sold out. Eeeek!!!

Anyway, back to sketching while Bee naps.


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