Learning my lesson…

Over the first three months of this year I have driven myself as close to burnout as I have been in a long, long, long time. It’s probably been fourteen years since I have felt this fried. Back then it was cramming all of the coursework for a Masters degree in Philosophy on top of my MFA in sculpture. It made sense at the time, and it was kind of what I needed to do in order to put together the thesis show I was working on. But, afterward, I ended up taking almost two years off of art, a near-complete hiatus because I was completely drained.

That break was a good thing in the long run, but not a move I can take right now, nor is it one I want. I am loving what I am doing, but I really have to learn to pace myself (something I’ve never been very good at).

Luckily I think I am more capable of learning at age thirty-nine than I was when I was twenty-five. So, now that sample yardage for Savanna Bop has arrived I am sending vast quantities of it off for other people to make stuff, whatever that may be. You have no idea just how grateful I am to the people helping me out with their sewing talents.


(Yep, that’s a boatload of fabric to be shipped.)

As I am learning, I cannot do it all, no matter how much I want to believe I can. So this time I’ll just be whipping up four quilts. Easy-peasy, or at least that sounds like fun. Yay fun!!!

Can’t wait to see what people make.

Speaking of which, I’m still dying to see what people make out of Pear Tree and Flock. Please post pics to the Stitching With TKS (Thomas Knauer Sews) Flickr group


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