Kicking it Old School…


Maybe it is my long-time love of Moleskine notebooks, or my seemingly boundless reservoir of geekiness, but it seems that I have decided to embark on the early drafting of my next book by going old school. I’m setting aside the computer and breaking out the graph paper, pencils, and mathematical instruments. When I saw this mini-set of mathematical drafting instruments my mind just made itself almost without me, though I also suspect that my id played a part in the decision as it avariciously acquires tins when ever possible (why do you think I keep buying Gingher scissors)???


Anyway, it looks like I have thirty or so small quilts I need to draft out. Luckily it doesn’t require any actual drawing. Mechanical schematics and the like I can do, but my actual drawing skills are something in the ballpark of Bee’s, and trust me, she inherited my technical proficiencies on that front.

It’s a brave new world over here, who knows what craziness will come if I’m already reaching back into the land of pencil and paper. What’s next, painting??? Heaven help us!!!


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