Jellybean-a-thon update…

So today is day four of the Jellybean-a-thon. As usual I am terrible at doing the things I am supposed to do to market/promote/whatever. As usual I’ve gotten distracted by essays. Kind of reminds me of my MFA at Ohio U; I forgot to actually make any art for about a year and just wrote. Even handed in an annotated bibliography one semester. But I digress…

Today is day four and here are a few pics of what we’ve seen so far…

I kicked it off with a quilt from my Right Here series, direct from QuiltCon:


Then Allegory shared her Jellybean yo-yo experiment…


Up next was Tracy with her improv rectangles quilt (set in a bevy of purple)…


And today we have Sara with her new Accordion bag pattern…


Go check out everybody’s posts (or else I’ll have to just go back to endless essays with no more pictures). I want to thank everybody who has taken part so far. Giant love to each of you.

Make sure to keep up with the new Jellybean projects coming out; we have five more days to go:

Feb 25: Thomas Knauer
Feb 26: Allegory Lanham
Feb 27: Tracy Mooney
Feb 28: Sara Lawson
March 1: Rachael Gander
March 2: Rashida Coleman-Hale
March 3: Heide Mueller-Hatton
March 4: Audrie Bidwell
March 5: Kim Niedzwiecki

Yay Jellybeans!!!


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