It’s for sale!!!

Okay. Now it is really, really, really real. It was one thing to get Strike Offs of Pear Tree, or sample yardage, or to make quilts, or to do a Schoolhouse at Market, but now it is actually for sale, not just to shops, but to everybody. (Glad I don’t have to diagram that sentence.)

Oh my goodness me!!!


Right now it is available over at Hawthorne Threads, but it should be hitting online and Local Quilt Shops all over soon. And thanks so much to Hawthorne Threads for the lovely words about me and Pear Tree on the Hawthorne Threads blog. You rock!!!

I’ll be adding a where to buy section soon to help you find Pear Tree if you are looking for it. So if you are a shop owner and are carrying Pear Tree please let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I’ll also be doing the same for my quilt and project patterns, so if you are carrying those I’ll have a section for that too.

But most of today is gonna consist of me doing my best Snoopy Dance with Bee. This is so freakin’ exciting!!!

Now available over at the Fat Quarter Shop!!! Love you Kimberly!!!


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