So, one of my few Quilt Market tasks was to get David Butler to sign Bee’s copy of Avalanche, a children’s book that he illustrated a few years back. It is one of her very favorites.


Not only was the mission a success, David wrote a wonderful inscription to Bee…


And when I got home, returned the book to Bee, and read her the inscription, Bee responded quite simply, “David Butler is a nice guy.” That’s one perceptive girl I have there.

It didn’t matter that he’s a rock star, an artist (actually the first piece of art I ever bought was one of his small sculptures), a fabric designer, or that he has been working with/married to Amy Butler for, well, a while. All that mattered was David illustrated a book she loves, and that he wrote some genuinely sweet words to her.

Over time I am pretty sure Bee will come to respect David’s and Amy’s work (it seems inevitable), but for the moment she has things right…

David Butler is a nice guy.

Yay priorities!!!


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