I, J, & K…

As always, the alphabet rolls on, no matter how my body feels, which right now is entirely crappy. I had planned to write a long rambling post tonight about all kinds of stuff, but then the good ol’ HKPP struck again. So, today’s ABCQAL post is going to be right to the point; surely there will be more ramble, and more Braille QAL quilts from others soon. I promise…

So here we go:

I, which is for intercolline (situated between hills) and is the inspiration for this print from Thesaurus, is made like this:


And J (jackanapes) is made thusly:


And K, which stands for katzenjammer (either a confusion or a hangover), goes just like this:


I gotta say, jackanapes and katzenjammer are two of my favorite words in the world; I’m always looking out for opportunities to use them. Perhaps tomorrow, because tonight I just need to let my body crash…


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