How to Make a Charming Elephant

At long last I finally got around to making this little elephant for Addy — the daughter of a friend. I have been meaning to make this for weeks. (I tend to get caught up in a pile of projects.)

Well, I figured since I was making it I might as well share. You know, ’cause everybody loves little elephants, especially when a little embroidery is involved as well… (Pardon the crappy photographs; this tutorial is a bit impromptu)

So here is what you’ll need:

– Two 10″ squares of fabric. I like one solid for the embroidered side and and a contrasting pattern for the other.

– Embroidery floss. I like to go with colors that match the pattern.

– A small or medium embroidery hoop.

– Scissors, thread, pins, and a sewing machine is a right good idea too…

And, of course this pattern:

Step One:
Trace the little birdie onto the right side of the solid. I just use a simple backstitch ’cause I am entirely enamored with it at the moment, but you can play around all you want. And of course one simply must use a French knot for the eye.

Step Two: Pin your two fabric squares together with right sides facing and trace the elephant pattern. Cut out the elephant adding a 1/4″ seam allowance as you cut.

Step Three:
Pin some more. I suppose you don’t have to do this, but I like pinning. Sew along the line you traced you around the elephant pattern, leaving the front leg open to allow for turning the elephant right side out and stuffing.

Step Four:
Clip the curves and turn the wee elephant right side out. Stuff the elephant with soft and comfy stuffing. Don’t stuff the elephant too full; it should still remain comfy to squeeze.

Step Five:
Whip stitch the front leg closed.

(Sorry the light went to crap; no picture here)

Step Six:
Cut out two circles from your left over fabric: one solid, one patterned. Use a bit of fabric glue to hold the circles (eyes) in place on the elephant. Hand applique the eyes on, carefully going through the elephant to simultaneously stitch the two eyes. You can applique the eyes on in advance, but I like to do it after stuffing to create a bit of pucker around the eyes.

Step Seven:
Stitch three strands of embroidery floss through the elephant’s posterior for the tail and braid away. Gotta love a braided elephant tail.

Done. Hope you like the wee elephant as much as we do.

Have fun. Happy stitching.


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