Happy Birthday Bee…

So, Bee is five.

She just keeps getting more and more amazing.

I am profoundly lucky.


So, this year instead of making her a quilt for her birthday I made a her a little something for her room in Cambridge, once we get there. I had decided a while back that I wanted to make her a travel chalkboard, so I had picked up some nifty chalkboard fabric, but was not quite sure what exactly I wanted to do with it. But now that I have my super-aweseome machine from Janome I quickly solved that problem: embroidery!!!

But that didn’t actually create an idea in my head, so I got to thinking, which as it turned out was the key to the devising a plan. Now I know that is always the case, but in this instance it was a little more directly helpful. I decided Bee could use a thought board, a place to write down ideas now that she is starting in on writing, or to draw something she wanted to have in her room for a while. But then, as I thought a bit more, I didn’t quite like the idea of a Thought Board; that seemed to imply a place to write things down after they had been thought, and I want Bee to engage in writing (and drawing) as an active thinking process, not just a method of recording thoughts. So, I made her a Think Board, a place where she can go to think things out through writing or drawing…




Just bring together a bit of (hopefully) well-designed machine embroidery thanks to my new baby, some chalkboard fabric, and some heavy-duty Pellon interfacing, and viola!!! Her Think Board!!!

I think she loves it, but at the moment the new My Little Ponies have stolen the day…

Oh, and she also loves all the pics people sent to her via the Thomas Knauer Sews FB page. She really does think that it is awesome that people know about her and her quilts. She would love to meet you all and show off her favorite quilts (and ponies)…

Thank you all for helping Bee to have a wonderful fifth birthday, even if it did involve a trip to the doctor for her year five shots (it was the only day they could fit her in before we left for England). Luckily there was ice cream after the visit to the doc, so all was profoundly well.

Happy birthday Bee. We all love you so much!!!













You all rock!!! Seriously.


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