Fabric Pull…

A lot of the time I like working with a single fabric collection. I think most of this comes from being a fabric designer: I like figuring out the interconnections between between the prints in a collection as well as responding to and taking advantage of the specific personality of a collection.

I actually like doing this more with other people’s collections than my own; I think of it as paying a bit of homage to the designers, giving them the respect that they deserve by really trying to figure out the collection, to puzzle out the logic and interpret that in a project. I think of it as a certain kind of communion with a fellow designer.

And then there are other times when I just like to dig through the growing stash and put together the most disparate things I can imagine, to bash prints together in ways that hardly seem to make sense–at least at first.


But the really crappy thing about trying to sell the house is that the stash now lives in the attic, so when I need to do a fabric pull it all has to come down two flights of stairs. We’re talking a good five hundred punds of fabric, and that doesn’t count the bolts. I’m just going to call this my exercise routine; surely it has to count for something…

(And yes I still think I need about 10 times more fabric to do a lot of the pieces I want to do, though I do love finding people to collaborate with too.)

Anyway, now it’s time to carry it all back up to the attic until the next time I need it all. Someone really needs to get on that inventing of the teleporter already…

Yay fabric!!!


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