Even the dolls love Pear Tree


Well, I assume the dolls love Pear Tree. They had better; I know that Bee does. She never can make up her mind as to which print is her favorite. (You have no idea how much it means to me that she loves it).

Anyway, Bee has suddenly taken to playing with her dolls; so we’ve pulled her Mama’s doll bed and table set out of the basement for her. Of course I had to make a mattress (under the wee quilt), a pillow (Bee helped with that), and now a wee quilt. It’s nothing fancy, but I wanted to quickly make it this morning so Bee would come home to a surprise.

Right now, Molly Dolly is in bed with the quilt, but I am sure her baby doll Ketchup will end up under it as soon as Bee gets home. No, you didn’t read that wrong; Bee has named her baby doll Ketchup. She also says that one day she is going to have a baby daughter of her own named Ketchup. And a boy named YaYa. I think she has a knack for naming.

So, now to wait for Bee to get home. I hope she loves it, ’cause I sure love the heck out of her. (If Bee heard me say that she’d say, “Put my heck back in, Papa!” She’s very attached to her heck.)

Now, back to work. 13 days ’til Market. Ack!!!


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