Doppelgänger (Redux)

So, you’ve seen the other two quilts I had in the QuiltCon show (Martha and Right Here). I’m finally getting to the third one (as usual I got distracted by essay writing).

You’ve seen Doppelganger before, I think; it was in the Winter 2012 issue of Gen Q along with a profile and some great pics of Bee and me:


I was so happy that Doppelgänger was accepted to the show because no matter what Pantone says I’m going with purple as the color of 2013 (Bee may have biased my vote). And then I found out that Doppelgänger won a ribbon: 2nd place in Modern Traditionalism. As much as I try not to give in to a little ego stroking, I gotta say I smiled.

thomas-knauer-sews-doppelganger(Photo from She Can Quilt)

There was also an ulterior motive for submitting Doppelgänger to QuiltCon because there was a bit of a mix up and Gen Q credited me with the quilting. This way I got a chance to get it out there publicly again and properly credit Lisa Sipes for the subtle, but perfect quilting… As always, yay Lisa!!!

The quilt started as a play on two converging basket blocks, an idea that I developed after a conversation with Jo Morton at Quilt Market a while back. It spoke to the idea of modern and traditional quilting as finding their own doppelgängers, with an extraordinary number of similarities amidst just as many differences, duplicates that are never actually the same.

On another level it was just an excuse to use a whole bunch of Cloud9 fabrics and a lot of Kona Berry, not that I really need an excuse to do either of those things.


But the really best thing is that Bee is so excited that her quilt won a ribbon, though she’ll be even more excited to get to sleep under it again.

Yay quilts and wee girls!!!


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