On Doodling…

I really never have been much of a doodler. Seriously, in all the years in art school I never once kept a sketchbook; I wrote about ideas rather than drew them. But this whole Muscular Dystrophy thing has made me into one. When you are stuck in bed semi-mobile you need to do something to keep yourself from going crazy. As of late I’ve taken to doodling, playing with little designs that are unlikely to ever make their way to fabric. The designs that do make it to fabric are born of conceptual development and backstories; these are more the equivalent of scribbling on a cocktail napkin while waiting for someone to show up. In this case I just happen to be waiting for my body to return to my control…







Oh, and something that I’ve learned about myself: I do my preliminary designs entirely in greyscale, but I doodle in blue. Who’d’ve thought it???


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